Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Laura's Birthday!

It's Laura's birthday and she is making about 126 rolls for a dinner at church, then she'll be finishing the last touches of helping the High School for the Senior Banquet. She has made dozens of bar cookies, chocolate mousse and lemon water. Her husband is off work today and volunteered to take her out for dinner but she won't be back until late after setting up. I came over to help her out and left wondering if I was more company than help. Her rolls are wonderful but as I buttered, cut, and rolled my didn't look like hers.

This is how hers look, nice orderly and about the same size you'll note.

On the other hand this is what mine looked like:
Short or long fat or thin, we call it the LALC, or Linda Ann's learning curve.

She used left over dough to make some cinnamon rolls for Lindsay her daughter.

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