Friday, January 21, 2011

Something I love to hear

Thanks Mom that was soooo Good!

I was a hero last night with one of Laura's recipes.  Everyone liked it.  I served it with lots of fruit - blueberries, tangerines and grapes with yogurt on the side.

Chicken Casadeas 

Cook up some chicken - Laura will use a whole, some breast, or a package - just depending on how many you want to serve.  I put the chicken on with a can of chicken broth and simmer it till the meat flakes off.
Drain - I reserve this for soup for another meal - and add a bottle of Salsa and simmer the chicken down till most of the liquid is gone.   I like to make preparations for a few meals at once, so at night its a quick fix in between lessons etc.  This can be done whenever you're making preparation for dinners.  Set aside.

When it comes time to make dinner:
Cream some lemon juice (I got them from Laura's tree), chopped jjalapeno (I use half or a quarter of a chili) and cream cheese - at room temperature (just set it out before Rachel's piano lesson).
Thinly spread this on one tortilla, scatter around a heaping tablespoon or more (depending on size of tortilla) of the chicken mixture, and top with some cheese (I used all the leftover cheese - cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, and gruyere).   Cheddar works.
Place another tortilla on top and grill on one side till the tortilla gets brown, then carefully flip till the other side is brown.  I cut it in quarters and serve.  I had to actually use the oven grill as they wouldn't fit in my frying pan and I couldn't find the cord for the electric fryer.  Worked great - you can do more at a time. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Notice it is 1.11.11 This should be one cool day!

Are the stars lining up or anything?  At 11:00 we'll have to have a mooment - for what?  well something interesting!  I'm sure I can think of something.  You know some baby will be born or something of some significance somewhere.
Me I'm just waiting for the fog to lift and the sun to shine.  My world is changing again and while exciting and different,  I need to deal and re-focus.  On what? - so I feel I'm scrambling around without the comforts of routine.  Isn't it interesting that routine can feel monontous and boring - but safe.  Then in an effort to change my life for the better, I find my church callings are changing, my kids are almost all grown up and I'm not sure what the next duty - joy - fire to put out - event - is or will be.  But I really have seen the hand of the Lord watching out over my friends and while they are struggling and crying, from this dstance I can see how they are being watched over and blessed.  I wonder if they can feel it? What is my purpose right now?  I have full faith that God is watching, so maybe I'll just clean up my house and see what comes out of the sky - at 11?