Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm winning....I'm sure I'm winning......

So we had this nice adorable kitten that grew into a cat.  Nice mouser - also catches rats, squirrels, and birds - but at least he knows his job.  Well, there was a time we didn't have a screen in our bedroom window.  It was a nuisance because insects could come in at night if the window was open but it usually wasn't opened until late when we went to bed.   Welllllllll...... the cat discovered he could jump through the open window, but that was fine because I put a fan into it and he stopped jumping through.  But then!!!!! he jumped up onto the fan and into the bedroom - at 3 in the morning.  Sometimes the fan would unbalance and fall over then crash onto the floor and bed.  Not so fun.
So I put up a screen.  Got a kit from Home Depot followed the directions and then re-screened a few more windows that just needed it.   Wellllllllll...... that darn cat would butt his head (or whatever) against that screen -secretly I'd laugh --- until he got in after 3 months - the screen gave way from the spline.  Just a little gap.  A large cat can fit through a little gap!  Soooooo...... I rescreened it with an 1/2 inch more screen to spare on all sides taped down.  And then I wrapped the bottom of the screen in another layer around front and back and sewed it together (luckily the window's on the second storey of the house so no one can really see it).
Let's see who wins this round................!