Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21,1984

Today was my wedding day 25 years ago. Amazing, stunning even. Not that I've lived with Jeffrey for 25 years as he is really a wonderful man to live with. Just that this is my life and I couldn't imagine it any other way. This anniversary is so typically us. 4 months ago or so we planned out some great itineraries. Hawaii, Grand Canyon, Monterey beach, Cruise in Alaska.... actually we went to Europe, Australia and Israel on the computer. So instead of Tahiti we are spending this week in our usual divide and conquer fashion. I'll be heading to Utah to watch our oldest walk in graduation from BYU and help our fourth get ready to go to Israel for Study abroad. Our second doesn't need us since he just started a new semester of school and the third is on a mission. Our fifth will be on a band trip to Seattle most of the week, so that just left the youngest all alone at different friends homes. I was getting frustrated because she was getting the bad end of the deal and Jeff said he'd stay home and take her to Disneyland for a day. Now isn't this the best anniversary?!!! Actually in a bit we will be headed off alone because we really love being together and find life fulfilling, warm and exciting as a couple. I'm voting for the beach and something tells me it won't be hard to coax Jeffrey into the same mind wave.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

She is Changing my Life!

Laura is a pretty awesome lady and the more I know her the more my life is changing for the better. Soooo Friday we set out and went to Winco - a great grocery store in Pittsburgh or Antioch that has some really great sales every day that I've been there. We bought groceries and came back and put some pork roast on to cook for 5 hours while we shopped for Wedding rings and sized up Laura's to fit and then on for Pots and roasting pans at Macy's and looked for 1/2 priced books for Laura's vacation, and on to Aaron's for picture frames for some photos I took of Norma Nausin's tulips. We had lunch at Quiznos and I highly recommend the Chicken Carbona with flat bread. After we picked up our children from school and gave Norma the pictures, I came back and shredded up the pork with her and was the queen of the kitchen for an hour or so when the kids ate the shredded pork and mole (that's with an accent over the e I can't figure out how to do) that I had made at Laura's house in burritos I served. What a great day!
It's nice to learn how to cook and have the gumption to go shopping. I have a nice roasting pan and a pot that strains, steams and saute's (another accent on the e) that she highly recommended. My goal is to learn one new great dish each week and make my home and yard look good just like Laura's.

Next Week It'll be 25 Years

On April 21, 2009 I will have been an Adams for as long as I was a Lore. It will be my 25 wedding anniversary and 3 months shy of my 50th birthday. 50 can you believe it!!! The 25 years of marriage is fantastic. Life just keeps getting better. I feel more contentment, joy and love each year. We really are getting to know each other better as the years go by. I very much love Jeffrey Lon Adams. Turning 50 on the other hand is terrible. When I was newly married I watched a lady who had 7 children and seem to know all about life. She taught Seminary, was a great support to her husband, and knew what was up with her children's lives and had answers to us younger girls questions. I just knew I'd be in her place once I was older and mature. What happened!? I almost feel I know less about raising children than when I started. (I was pretty arrogant, but got the stuffing knocked out more with each child). I was going to be talented, smart, and know how life worked. Now my answers would be to have a great husband and get lucky with your children. It sure wouldn't hurt to have a degree and something really fun as a hobby. Good luck guys, you'll have to find your own answers!

----Jeffrey's original ring got too small, and my ring is somewhere in the church shrubbrey after an unfortunate accident with a stray ball - so we are getting new rings for our 25th! We decided the one at the end with gold and smooth silver on the top.-----

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Only on A Cloudy Morning

It is interesting to note that only on cloudy, troubled sky mornings can you see the colors and textures to be amazed at. If everything is smooth without turbulence then it changes from night to day without showcasing the many colors that exist. So it is with the Lord's mercy and grace. It is just not as noticeable unless there is some kind of trouble in our lives or those around us.

Thank You Lord that I'm Not Blind

Color everywhere! I'm sorry I can't bring the smell of this red and white rose to you as it is terrific! There are spring, some summer and lots of wildflowers bursting out in every corner. Lots of different colors, textures, smells and other delights to the senses. Of course the dark side comes with pollen, waves of green and yellow dust.....But the color is magnificent!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just Thinking after a Moody Blues' Concert

Last night Jeffrey and I went to a Moody Blues' Concert in Oakland Fox Theatre. The Theater was very impressive and the crowd was lots of fun. I guess the Moody Blues were really popular 30 years ago and they have a fan base that has never forgotten them. I'm a convert after being married to a fan. So I had just as much fun watching 65 or 70 year old white haired and wrinkled couples dancing, swaying, hands in the hair, rocking to the music. There were a few young people, many gray haired and lots of white haired or no hair men and women all gathered to applaud a band whose stars are dwindling.
They are from England and have a "higher and higher" song that celebrates the men in space and shows an American Flag - everybody cheers. Does England celebrate American accomplishments, do we celebrate English ones? I must admitt I loved France, Spain, and Italy when we visited on a trip a few years ago. Are there songs written by Americans applauded by European's? The idea of lasting structures and communities was brought home when I visited places that had been around for hundreds of years. Fields handed down from father to son. Walls built in Roman times which are still standing. Vineyards and roads, things made to last.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Migration of Monarchs!

For the past week there are millions of Monarchs all flying north. Every gust of wind blows them around but where ever they flitter they end up going north. They travel about 4 to 8 feet off the ground and I have no idea where they rest and if they are in groups or just end up going the same way. I'll have to google it. No matter how many birds eat them, or cars smash them, kids chase them, or they get blown away thousands find a way to where they are suppose to be. It is really an amazing act of nature.