Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Push Needed

Life is a Balancing Act
Something is always breaking, getting old, or falling apart at our house.  In the beginning we had little children who would snap off hoses, dig up my back lawn, or have water fights jumping through the window and running through the house.  Though there are things that just wear out too.  The battle to keep up with everything is interesting.  Many things wait till it becomes no. 1 on the list.

This fall it's the bathroom/garage.  14 plus years ago we had a fire and had lots of construction done in that part of the house.  Nothing since.  I was bothered by the fact that the Sheetrock was peeling and shredding and it looked like occasionally there was something leaking.  There were ominous signs in the bathroom itself.  With kids going to universities and missions and generally just being expensive, putting off repairs just seemed like it was OK.

We've talked about the downstairs bathroom (we're still in the discussion stage) and Anthony Durst did a quick fix-someday-to-be-done-right-job for us because we had company coming.  This summer was full of Wedding, vacations, camps, and relatives from out of town.  
Then a week or so ago, I looked out the window and saw my friend (who is pregnant with her seventh child) pushing a baby in a stroller and walking with her sister-in-law passing out brochures.  When I walked out to say howdy she mentioned that her husband just finished a big job and was now looking for another and would do painting work, though that isn't his favorite.  

 That was it.  I decided we needed the bathroom done now and my excuse to Jeffrey was that I had a deep concern that someday we would step into the shower and the whole thing would drop into the garage.   I know Jeffrey would really like to have some extra savings for the hundred emergencies that seem to keep coming up. We'll just have to be prudent.
The scary thing is when my concerns happen to be based a little too close to reality.  They did find a continuing leak and had to rip out some crumbly boards that the floor is suppose to rest on.   The fact that this is an old house and bringing it up to code may be just a little more expensive than was expected is just par for the course!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Thinking

Laura is off to Rexburg to drop off her daughter for school.  So Lisa and I have been walking in the morning and she had a great topic I haven't been able to let go.  On one of her daughters applications for a job as a sign language interpreter it asked if a person was deaf all of their life, would they be "restored" with hearing or without in the resurrection ?  (At least I think that was the gist of it.)  I think they wanted to know how the applicant felt about "disabilities" etc.
I've come to the conclusion that we are all "deaf" and blind and don't have all the senses that we could possibly want in this life. Adam and company lived many more years than we do - why?  Because the ozone layer was thicker, mutant genes, environmental damage etc. etc. So if we get "restored"will we have the abilities that we were suppose to have from heaven, but because of factors beyond our control (and some in our control) our lives are limited to what is now available?  Let's even go back to Adam and Eve's bodies before they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  Marvelous bodies that were cut short to one of the Lord's days.  If there is a restoration we shouldn't expect a limited earthly body but a glorified one.  I wonder what that is - impervious to illness would be a good start.  Could we hear what an elephant hears or a whale?  Without a veil could we see further, brighter with more colors? Could we feel more from our heart and minds? Would communication of all senses be better?  Maybe mind to mind.
My answer to this question would be yes, hearing would be restored in a much broader fashion to ALL of us who are deaf to some extent or another in this world.