Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dog and Cat

This is the infamous Chica, a stray that the Nausin's adopted who can find trouble anywhere. Here we were all surprised because she just stayed under the table for the whole shower. (What's wrong?)- found out she had a fungus in her ear which was inhibiting her balance.
They have kept Vets in business for years. One bad episode was a bar of chocolate. It is hilarious when we go swimming in their pool because she loves to bite any water that moves. Whether it's from hoses, feet and hands splashing, or just a good jump, Chica is there to bite the water.
We see cats in various places, windowsills, gates, benches, trees, running across the street - But this is the first on a house vent. Maybe it was a warm spot destined to get the sun first.

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