Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jeffrey is gone tonight

I have extra time because Jeffrey is in Utah and there is nobody to keep the bed warm. He always sleeps by the window and blocks the cold air, so tonight I'll have to close the window up tight. Little things make me grateful for companions, spouses, friends, sisters, and those who do the simple things that keep me comfortable and happy. I sure hope I can be a good friend. Good friends mean a lot to me and I hope they like me in their life just as much I like them! It is so nice to watch and learn from the enthusiasm of the talents of those I spend time with. Well, goodnight

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Wedding for a Friend

Jennifer Lambertson married Trent Wright on Saturday and I just knew where I'd find Laura - and I was right. If you are looking for good food, Laura knows how to do it!

She's still shy about having an actual photo but if I follow her on the run, I can usually get a shot or two and sometimes it doesn't turn out bad.

So it is sad when I cut off her face when she has a great expression and everything else is good!