Friday, May 28, 2010

Picking up Andrew

We arrived in the City of Brotherly Love, and toured Independence Hall and the surrounding areas of our country's history, it was great. The really wonderful part of the trip was joining up with Andrew and meeting his Mission President and his wife to say goodbye to two years of work and dedication to the Lord.

We met a few of the people Andrew had association and interactions with. This is Rosa in Reading. She is a strong beautiful person.

Andrew has a love for this family also in Reading and I personally was amazed to find they hadn't been members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints for years.

The lady on the left had a miraculous experience with her daughter and knew the Elders message was important. I loved talking and getting to know the people who Andrew had taught.

What a great family in Scraton, Pennsylvania! They were fun, warm and happy.

The members in Scraton were unique and hospitable. The stories they told of their conversions were fantastic. I loved being there and would love to meet any of them again. The lady on the left invited us to dinner and had to leave before we got there to take her father to the hospital. Well the others showed up and had a get together and carried on until she came home! They were all friendly, warm and just the people you would want to back you up. I could really live there.

Then we traveled from the top of his mission down to almost the bottom in Delaware. We met with the missionaries who were in Andrew's last area (with his former companion Elder Chan) and their investigators and new converts. Wow what a day. They went around the circle and told me how they had met Andrew and each gave a warm testimony. What a wonderful day as a mother and a member of the church. Life is really sweet!

Then we went out in the country and met this family that has a baby that was born in January, only 2 pounds and is the cutest healthy little girl. I fell in love with all the kids.

We also met with another lady that Andrew had been teaching but she didn't want her picture anywhere, but the love she had for Andrew was genuine and heartfelt. A great visit and soul filling.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Michael is playing this morning.....

What a wonderful way to get up in the morning!

There is just something magical about live music. Concerts, plays, even theater sounds better live than a recording. Recordings are wonderful and remind us what it was like when we were there, or give someone else a taste of what it was like. Kinda of like having a picture. Experiencing in person is the best. So having Michael practice is really a treat for all of us. Live music of all types.

It is amazing to me how much my children have blessed and influenced my life. The each bring talents and blessings and have made me into a different person because of their peculiarities. Michael has insured that I am on time for my meetings. As a very young boy he did not want to walk into church late - so we are on time. Each child has molded and shifted my life for the better.