Friday, October 30, 2009

Friends and Fear

Yesterday Rachel helped me get ready for a Pack Meeting at Diane Chambers house. While sweeping the walk their dogs came barreling out to greet her and 'help' her sweep and of course bring her a ball. As I was watching their antics I realized how much Rachel has changed in her confidence with large dogs.
I think Montana is some kind of mastiff - though a little dumb and loveable, and Chase is a friendly pit bull. To Rachel they were just dogs having fun. Just a year and a half ago that scenario wouldn't have happened. Diane was the one who encouraged us to get a dog and found a puppy for us to take care of when she found the black Lab Michael was looking for.
What a difference for my girl!
Aren't friends the best thing ever!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey I've noticed........

Last night at supper Jeffrey and the kids enjoyed the homemade pizza and Jeffrey said, "Hey I've noticed our meals have been really good lately." The reason for that is because I've been walking with Laura. I tend to do, or talk, or act a lot like the people I hang around with. It's been going on since Junior High. I pick up words, actions and thoughts of those around me and make it part of my life. Sometimes the effects fade over time and sometimes they stay with me. A few years ago I picked up 'hecka' from my teenagers but since they aren't here saying it anymore I haven't noticed myself saying it. But 'eh' from my mission seems to be a permanent fixture.
I like good food and the compliments that come with it. Hope it stays with me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Michael assures me these taste good -

It has always been interesting to me how the interconnections and women you meet, get to know, learn to love, and play with have such a profound impact in our lives.
Little threads interwoven into a complex beautiful pattern in our character development.

So guess what?! I've learned to make some cookies without any gluten. I have a friend who can't have gluten (did you know oatmeal and wheat have gluten?) so when ever I make treats for all my visiting teaching ladies she couldn't have them. When I found she wasn't diabetic, I looked into recipes and went to the Harvest House for the ingredients - Presto! Now I can send her treats too!

I can't help but wonder how she takes the sacrament and how does she travel the mine field of church suppers and Relief Society luncheons. Tough always having to ask what is in something.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ralph and Mary's House

Beverly and I visited Ralph and Mary (from the Navy Reunion) and Ralph let me in on a fun activity he does once in awhile - feed the wild birds.

So the trick is to throw peanuts out the window for a few minutes and all the birds around come flying in, then set them just on the window sill while I'm sitting a foot away with a camera.

And those bold blue Jays will come right up and get the peanuts! But they never picked the little one, just the big one

I finally figure out it was different Jays not the same one

Ralph says they bury them and come back for more

He said if I was patient and waited a bit they would even take them out of my hand!