Saturday, October 29, 2011

Awesome Activity - River Trip with YMYW

"That was a fun Day!"

Quote from quite a few of the participants.
Four boats ferried about 49 people over to the River house
 Bishop and Bonnie Carter set-up and organized an extremely awesome day for the youth in our ward.  Their daughter (Janelle) and son-in-law have access to a River home on the Delta and allowed us to come and play at their place.
The object of this game was to wiggle the Oreo down your face into your mouth without the aid of your hands.  It is possible!

Some canoes went straight, some back and forth.  Everyone made it though a few trips were much longer than others.
 There were 6 feat of skill to accomplish before lunch - you actually got to earn how many points (pennies) you got for lunch.  Zip-line, Canoe skill, rifle target practice, build a fire, sponge-bob relay, and an Oreo eating contest.
The zip-line was so fantastic!  

Sponge-bob contest - get as much water from one bucket down the hill to the next with the sponge.

Dominic eyes his cookie!

Merit, Caleb, Shannon and Collette

Fire-building - build a fire tall and high enough to burn the string.

Addison on the zipline
After lunch everyone got to pick which activity they wanted to do.  Tubing behind the boats, zip-line, canoe down the river and the rifles were the top picks.  Some went swimming, riding on the merry-go-round and explored the island.
Air-rifle - Dominic got all the targets

Alyssa and Amanda take aim.

Elizabeth, Sam and Whitney fan the flames

Devun power paddle in front, Gavin, Sammy and Mike steers in the back - great crew

Bishop Carter tested out the zip-line on the tallest guy - Michael
 The Bishop got quite a work-out catching the youth so they wouldn't smack into the tree at the end of the line.  I'll bet his back and legs needed a massage.
Sam on the Zipline

Tubing was a hit

Even side-wise and over - it's all fun!
 After staying an extra hour and a half, we all said Good-bye and got ferried back home.
Good-bye to a totally great day.......

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jeffrey's famous Chicken Pesto Sandwiches

We were in luck today!
Jeffrey has perfected the art of truly delicious sandwhiches.  Today he cooked up some chicken breasts with olive oil and spices, sauted up some mushrooms in the same pan, cut up the ciabatta bread and spread pesto on one side and toasted cheese on the other side, sliced up garden fresh tomatoes (from Lindsay Bradburn) and used tiny red leaf lettuce when assembling them all together. I added the fresh fruit Regg Penovich brought on Saturday and we had quite a feast!
Nothing better than vine rippened tomatoes!