Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sisters at work

I started this particular blog because I awakened to the realization that who I run (or walk) around with affects my life in a big way. Since then I've come to an awareness of the bigger picture of all those whom I have associated with that have a profound effect on aspects of my life. Women in many circles of my life.

I went to Portland with some friends to support our friend at the wedding and met her daughter's mother-in-law Robin Garner. A very nice, talented woman and mother of seven children. Her home is beautiful and she is charming, generous and experienced.

She was very gracious to her guests and made everyone welcome.

When they came down to the open house a week later, she and her husband helped with all the set up and stayed until the very end of clean-up. I was impressed with the family and took special notice of her. Well she said something I've been thinking about ever since, as they were saying goodbye.

Robin said she would probably never meet us again, but would always remember the ladies who supported and went to help at the wedding and open house of their friend.

A friend invited me to come over when I first moved into the Clayton Valley 1st ward where I met more women and we formed a playgroup. I remember when our kids were three years old and in the nursery, and we went to the park, and on field trips, camped out together, and took pictures of our children dancing at the prom. We've grown with each other and helped each other out and we couldn't be any closer than my own sisters. That's what they are my sisters.

We care for each other, watch each others back, and help out whenever there is a need. We've seen each other in happy times and stressful times. Cheered each other on, sympathized, and encouraged when needed. Maybe I know more about them than my own sisters. It's nice being reminded sometimes.

The circle keeps expanding and I meet more women who are influencing my life and shaping and molding it. More ladies who I want to have as a sister. I guess that's the joy of living long. Lots of sisters.

I can't help but wish they were helping me with one of my child's wedding.