Monday, September 20, 2010

Susy the Sister my mom prayed for

My mother had lots of brothers and finally a sister at the end of their family - when she had a girl first she prayed very hard to have a sister for her little girl to grow up with.  What a wonderful gift for us to have each other. A year and 2 weeks apart.  Nothing like after dark sharing secrets and going to school and camp together, sharing clothes, make-up, shoes and coats - having good times. Nothing like anticipating and sharing the dreams for the future together.   She's been my oldest best friend.  
While she came on business to California, I ran down to spend a day or so when she wasn't in meetings.  She told me all about washers, dryers and what to look for in a good dishwasher.  We also laughed, talked, and shared a few frustrations.  Kept each other awake during church and caught up on her life.
Sometimes we laugh at the simple expectations of our childhood and how much more we discovered we really wanted out of marriage and family than we could have imagined as children.  I miss her when  we're apart.  The curious thing is when I pray for a sister or that kind of connection myself, I run into great 'sisters' where I am!
 I never thought I'd have so many other 'sisters' that could make my life so complete.  When the children were young someone would call up and say she had to get out of the house did I want to go to the park with her and some other mothers?  A group of us sisters were talking at Relief Society function and ended up camping for mothers day - for the next 15 years.  Due to kid commitments I didn't go this year and I miss them.  My life is so richly blessed in so many ways because of  prayers that are constantly answer in ways I could never imagine.  
Ah, and then there are the "sisters" that we bear and raise.  My two girls are sisters as they change and enhance my life with their unique characteristics and talents.
In health, in style, in childcare, on the Internet, at school, teaching, volunteering, work, everything that makes my life fun fulfilling and special all comes with sisters.  I can't ask for what I really need because I don't know I need it beforehand I just pray and enjoy the blessings.
Thank you Lord for all my wonderful sisters!

Heart Full

We're going to miss Jim on our daily walks
The past two months have been up and down on the emotional richter scale.  One day while walking by last month, Jim told us his wife had fallen in the night and he found her the next morning and when they examined her at the hospital they found she had had a stroke.  For the next two weeks we watched a dramatic change come over Jim.  He had been slowly ambling over his yard wishing he could do more and by the end of the 2 weeks he'd gone to sitting, sitting with a blanket, sitting with his feet up wrapped in blankets, to sitting with oxygen.  He would report how Madge was doing each day because his son would come everyday and bring him where he needed to go.
I went to Utah and when Laura and I went walking he told us she died.  Ahhh, he was so sad and so were we.  Two days later he threw away the oxygen and hardly used the walker.  I was hopeful that his heart was doing better and his legs were less swollen.  We visited for a little longer when we went by.  He seemed to be shaky on his feet and reported falling a few times.  We'd watch for his cane to hand to him when he showed us pictures on his walls and told us about his life.
I went to Texas to drive back with my daughter and found out Jim died the night I got back home.  Every time I leave something bad happens.
89 years old, married for 60 plus and left a heartbroken son and some very sad neighbors.

I wonder what he said when he met Madge again.

I wonder if he'll remember us and all his neighbors who loved him.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Laura is doing it again!

Mountains of fruit, bowls and bowls of salad, cookies (hundreds) all individually packaged, and a huge list of things to remember to put in the car tomorrow.   She is catering the Concord High Senior Picnic. She isn't doing the hamburgers though she is bringing the grill.  It is awesome to watch a genius at work.  How she can make the mounds of groceries disappear and reappear as recognizable delicious food is fantastic.   Laura starts out with a list (after her daughter told her what she wanted) then organizes it into stores.  So we hop into her van and pick up ingredients from different places - this lady really knows her stores and which will give her the better deal.  Some of the owners know her personally and she knows just who to ask for the best produce (or please reserve 7 3lb packages of chopped romaine for Monday).  Then there is a place in her dinning room and front entry that the boxes and sacks usually end up.  Baking and preparing are meticulous with gloves and precise cuts.  (Not my scoop melon and chop up - no Laura's are all square approximately the same size!)  Her mother-in-law (Grandma Nausin) supplies an extra oven, refrigerator and makes up huge batch of Snickerdoodles.  There are special sized muffin cups, cookie sleeves, matching napkins and exactly what plates and cups go together.  I watch Laura slice and dice, copy exactly what she does and then try to speed up the operation.   But it's her presentation that takes the prize!  Laura brings her own utensils, serving bowls, platters etc. and a picnic is really poetry when it's done!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Don't Put That On Your Blog

Twice in one week
I'm taking someone's picture and they immediately say, "Don't put that on your blog!" So a few people -very few- know that I have a blog and that I occasionally post on it.  So what is this big deal about the hordes from the public (yeah right) finding out a few things about their life?
My children - who don't get on - all have informed me they don't want to be featured here or there.  My husband doesn't want stories about him put on, my sister says maybe but not much, my greater family I don't ask, - so I'm left with...... my friends!  Except some of them don't want to be the main scoop either.
Maybe I'll go to the dog park and look around.......