Thursday, March 3, 2011

Construction to begin - well maybe in April or May

A few weeks ago Laura and I went visiting different Tile, pre-fab, and do-it-yourself stores to look up ideas on a new bathroom.  Water isn't staying where it should and right now we are trying to decide what we need.
 Jeffrey doesn't want to spend a premium amount of money because he says we would never get back what is put in because it needs to fit the other homes in the neighborhood, and I don't want so basic it isn't fun.
I sure like tile and stone.  I'm not really excited about the pre-fab at Lowell's, it just has tiny specs in it no marbling or veins.  I'd love a granite or marble look that is easy to care for.
It was very interesting to note that in the showroom at Ordaz the models were mostly in light colors.  The lady on the floor said most women seem to choose the lighter colors and men chose dark.  Sure enough Jeffrey chose the darkest sample I brought home.  Do more women choose what's in the bathrooms?
It sure would be fun to have a "stone or pebble" shower floor with sandy tiles and make it a beach theme.  Add some puffy clouds on the ceiling.
Probably it will turn out to be a normal looking bathroom - on the other hand, maybe I'll just invite Bonnie over like I've been threatening to do and listen to her advise.
I really love friends.