Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I missed walking with Laura today as she had a meeting and had to get some things accomplished. The sweetheart came over to the school to tell me because my phone had died and she didn't want me just waiting there. So I strode around the block with Sheila before I went to the fluency center at the elementary school where we teach kids to read better. It is absolutely beautiful this spring and there is color everywhere! For some reason the kids on the playground were having a good time without the anger that is there sometimes. I had such a good day I gave all the fifth graders a Mustang buck. This idea our principal Mrs. DeMott has of giving out bucks to good kids instead of just telling the trouble makers to knock it off is a great one. I'm being less and less of a witch and looking at the cute, funny, sometimes more quiet children that come to play at recess.

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