Friday, October 15, 2010

Donna elopes and I get praise!

New chapter in my sister's life
 On October 9 my sister Donna and Parley Estes got married.  They have known each other for quite a while and thought about marriage for many months, then his brother planned to get married on the 8th and when they saw all the family traveling from Texas to Utah they thought why not join them?
So after the reception they announced they were getting married tomorrow and everyone who wanted to stay could see them get married.  Luckily for our side of the family we had three days more notice.
On Wednesday when I heard there would be punch and cake I talked it over with Laura and asked why people would think of sweet things first and wasn't there something else that could be served that would be more exciting and delicious.  Yes, and
Boy did she come through for me!
Chicken and Cashew Croissant Sandwiches and a Spinach Artichoke Dip  (I'll post both recipes in just a bit - you'll probably want to use them sometime!)

So on Thursday I ran over to Costco and Winco and got ingredients and Rachel, Rebekah and I set out early Friday morning, got there in the late afternoon and then helped set the reception and fell in bed that night.  Got up early Saturday to see Donna and Parley married, had lunch with Nate who had come down on Friday from Rexburg and Andrew who came by bus from Provo that morning, and Rachel and Rebekah who were already with me.  Then that night we helped finish setting up the reception and enjoyed meeting with family and friends - the kids had fun decorating the couples car with whipped cream, oreos, balloons etc.
When I got to the kitchen, it was obvious that others thought the same as I as there were fruit baskets, nuts, rolls and other food to go with the punch and cake.
 In the clean up and reflection process I got numerous complements on the sandwiches and especially the dip - Thanks Laura! - quite a few family members wanted the recipe.
Victorian theme

Sisters helping Donna get ready

Just about there!

Life is good and here's to the new couple!

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