Monday, September 20, 2010

Susy the Sister my mom prayed for

My mother had lots of brothers and finally a sister at the end of their family - when she had a girl first she prayed very hard to have a sister for her little girl to grow up with.  What a wonderful gift for us to have each other. A year and 2 weeks apart.  Nothing like after dark sharing secrets and going to school and camp together, sharing clothes, make-up, shoes and coats - having good times. Nothing like anticipating and sharing the dreams for the future together.   She's been my oldest best friend.  
While she came on business to California, I ran down to spend a day or so when she wasn't in meetings.  She told me all about washers, dryers and what to look for in a good dishwasher.  We also laughed, talked, and shared a few frustrations.  Kept each other awake during church and caught up on her life.
Sometimes we laugh at the simple expectations of our childhood and how much more we discovered we really wanted out of marriage and family than we could have imagined as children.  I miss her when  we're apart.  The curious thing is when I pray for a sister or that kind of connection myself, I run into great 'sisters' where I am!
 I never thought I'd have so many other 'sisters' that could make my life so complete.  When the children were young someone would call up and say she had to get out of the house did I want to go to the park with her and some other mothers?  A group of us sisters were talking at Relief Society function and ended up camping for mothers day - for the next 15 years.  Due to kid commitments I didn't go this year and I miss them.  My life is so richly blessed in so many ways because of  prayers that are constantly answer in ways I could never imagine.  
Ah, and then there are the "sisters" that we bear and raise.  My two girls are sisters as they change and enhance my life with their unique characteristics and talents.
In health, in style, in childcare, on the Internet, at school, teaching, volunteering, work, everything that makes my life fun fulfilling and special all comes with sisters.  I can't ask for what I really need because I don't know I need it beforehand I just pray and enjoy the blessings.
Thank you Lord for all my wonderful sisters!

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