Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's that time of year!

Since I'm strictly prohibited from posting pictures on facebook, I certainly didn't mention there were other places I could put them.

This is what happens when you aren't a child and you aren't a teenager - just that middle schooler wanting to trick-or-treat but not old enough to go out to the all night parties.   I actually had to talk Rachel into a party because she didn't know what she wanted to do since we're not keen on Sunday trick-or-treating  and I'm totally not keen about the older kids parties.   She got to have five of her nicest friends to come to a party and sleep-over.
They actually slept
It is cold and flu season and I found myself fighting a cold for the past two days and maybe I regretted a little bit having screaming, running around the house -kids, for the night instead of a quiet book or watching TV...........

After breakfast

But it was totally worth it and so much fun!

Worm and dirt - Yummy! Courtsey of Alyssa
You are only a kid once and I love having my last kid being a kid!

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  1. What a nice mom you are! Still thinking about Rapunzel's hair! What a cute girl she is! I enjoyed having my youngest be a girl. We still have so much fun. She'll be 33 in January and our favorite thing is still cuddling up on the bed and watching a girl movie together. Good times, they just keep coming!