Saturday, October 23, 2010


Pomegranates... just the name renders up images of soccer, fall, Thanksgiving around the corner!  Regg brought us over a few with his fresh fruit run today, yummy raspberries, strawberries and some pomegranates.
In past years when we came home from soccer games on Saturdays, a man would always be on the corner selling his pomegranates until his three trees fruit was gone.  We would try to get there early because they were big and delicious.  He wasn't there last year and the store bought are not as ripe, big, or sweet.
Rebekah and Rachel were at the table tonight dicussing the merits of the best way to harvest the seeds.  Rebekah preferrs the more rapid approach while Rachel likes to pull out each seed without squirts or pop outs.  Rebekah scooped up a spoonful with a "Uh huh, but look who's eating them now?!"  Rachel said she would enjoy each one.  Being the last child, Rachel has learned how to protect her own and when her dad came in the room she put her hand up and said a firm, "No." before he could get a word out.  While we are all laughing she picks up her cup in one hand and the plate with peelings in the other to throw them out.  Not leaving even a chance of pickings for anyone!  She enjoyed ever one.

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  1. Don't you just love them, the pomegranates and the girls? The pomegranates are as much a symbol of fall as pumpkins I think. The thing that I do not like about pomegranates is that they squirt you. I learned to hold them under water when removing the seeds. I do remember though that as a kid I did the same thing as Rachel. One seed at a time, savoring them. And I am pretty sure I had to protect them from my Dad from time to time as well. It was nice to meet your beautiful Rebekah. How fun to have her home!

    It was so great to see you today. There are just some people that you just automatically connect are one of them for me. Thanks for being my friend.

    Hugs, B