Sunday, April 12, 2009

She is Changing my Life!

Laura is a pretty awesome lady and the more I know her the more my life is changing for the better. Soooo Friday we set out and went to Winco - a great grocery store in Pittsburgh or Antioch that has some really great sales every day that I've been there. We bought groceries and came back and put some pork roast on to cook for 5 hours while we shopped for Wedding rings and sized up Laura's to fit and then on for Pots and roasting pans at Macy's and looked for 1/2 priced books for Laura's vacation, and on to Aaron's for picture frames for some photos I took of Norma Nausin's tulips. We had lunch at Quiznos and I highly recommend the Chicken Carbona with flat bread. After we picked up our children from school and gave Norma the pictures, I came back and shredded up the pork with her and was the queen of the kitchen for an hour or so when the kids ate the shredded pork and mole (that's with an accent over the e I can't figure out how to do) that I had made at Laura's house in burritos I served. What a great day!
It's nice to learn how to cook and have the gumption to go shopping. I have a nice roasting pan and a pot that strains, steams and saute's (another accent on the e) that she highly recommended. My goal is to learn one new great dish each week and make my home and yard look good just like Laura's.

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