Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just Thinking after a Moody Blues' Concert

Last night Jeffrey and I went to a Moody Blues' Concert in Oakland Fox Theatre. The Theater was very impressive and the crowd was lots of fun. I guess the Moody Blues were really popular 30 years ago and they have a fan base that has never forgotten them. I'm a convert after being married to a fan. So I had just as much fun watching 65 or 70 year old white haired and wrinkled couples dancing, swaying, hands in the hair, rocking to the music. There were a few young people, many gray haired and lots of white haired or no hair men and women all gathered to applaud a band whose stars are dwindling.
They are from England and have a "higher and higher" song that celebrates the men in space and shows an American Flag - everybody cheers. Does England celebrate American accomplishments, do we celebrate English ones? I must admitt I loved France, Spain, and Italy when we visited on a trip a few years ago. Are there songs written by Americans applauded by European's? The idea of lasting structures and communities was brought home when I visited places that had been around for hundreds of years. Fields handed down from father to son. Walls built in Roman times which are still standing. Vineyards and roads, things made to last.

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