Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21,1984

Today was my wedding day 25 years ago. Amazing, stunning even. Not that I've lived with Jeffrey for 25 years as he is really a wonderful man to live with. Just that this is my life and I couldn't imagine it any other way. This anniversary is so typically us. 4 months ago or so we planned out some great itineraries. Hawaii, Grand Canyon, Monterey beach, Cruise in Alaska.... actually we went to Europe, Australia and Israel on the computer. So instead of Tahiti we are spending this week in our usual divide and conquer fashion. I'll be heading to Utah to watch our oldest walk in graduation from BYU and help our fourth get ready to go to Israel for Study abroad. Our second doesn't need us since he just started a new semester of school and the third is on a mission. Our fifth will be on a band trip to Seattle most of the week, so that just left the youngest all alone at different friends homes. I was getting frustrated because she was getting the bad end of the deal and Jeff said he'd stay home and take her to Disneyland for a day. Now isn't this the best anniversary?!!! Actually in a bit we will be headed off alone because we really love being together and find life fulfilling, warm and exciting as a couple. I'm voting for the beach and something tells me it won't be hard to coax Jeffrey into the same mind wave.

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