Sunday, April 12, 2009

Next Week It'll be 25 Years

On April 21, 2009 I will have been an Adams for as long as I was a Lore. It will be my 25 wedding anniversary and 3 months shy of my 50th birthday. 50 can you believe it!!! The 25 years of marriage is fantastic. Life just keeps getting better. I feel more contentment, joy and love each year. We really are getting to know each other better as the years go by. I very much love Jeffrey Lon Adams. Turning 50 on the other hand is terrible. When I was newly married I watched a lady who had 7 children and seem to know all about life. She taught Seminary, was a great support to her husband, and knew what was up with her children's lives and had answers to us younger girls questions. I just knew I'd be in her place once I was older and mature. What happened!? I almost feel I know less about raising children than when I started. (I was pretty arrogant, but got the stuffing knocked out more with each child). I was going to be talented, smart, and know how life worked. Now my answers would be to have a great husband and get lucky with your children. It sure wouldn't hurt to have a degree and something really fun as a hobby. Good luck guys, you'll have to find your own answers!

----Jeffrey's original ring got too small, and my ring is somewhere in the church shrubbrey after an unfortunate accident with a stray ball - so we are getting new rings for our 25th! We decided the one at the end with gold and smooth silver on the top.-----

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