Thursday, August 11, 2011

What would I do without angels?!!!

Angels come in all sizes, shapes, and sex.  I find them in my life both seen and unseen.  I can tell you much more about the seen ones, than the unseen - times I just feel something or someone there.  Now the seen angels many times don't realize they are coming as an answer to my fervent prayers.

So I was asked to be the quilt leader for girls camp - now really quilt LEADER - not just the one coming to do what she has been asked.  Called 2 months late mind you - after the overstock sales are over.  If you are a close friend you'll know this has been an interesting year over here at the Adams zoo.  Stuff has been piled high for cub day camp, wedding, shower, and of course the quilt material, yarn and batting.  The interesting point is that every month something major seem to crop up and when I asked God how it was going to get done someone would call, recommend someone else or drop presents on my doorstep.  God would keep the chaos one step away from drowning me.

While Wedding preparations were going on in April and May, JoAnn Carney showed Janey Bates and I how to sew up nine patches and change them around to make interesting quilts.  I told several people about my new calling and they literally handed me boxes of extra material (Lanette Hopkins and others).  It came in all sizes, colors with mostly flowers (lots of purple showed up).  I wanted to find a way to make it fun.
Then Jeanne Rumsey (a former quilter at camp) gave me 17 perfectly sized and matched ready to go quilt sets.  Wow, half of my quilts ready to go!  In May and June while the cub day camp started heating up, Janey Bates came up with the idea of sewing around the edges so we would only have to tie them when we got to camp.  She proceeded to sew more than half of the remaining quilts in July while I checked cubs in, assisted in a pie eating contest, directed parents to children and found lost articles. Did I tell you in July another son decided to get married?
 JoAnn gave us 5 beautiful sewn up quilts and told me two more for the men were on the way.  Jeanne Rumsey made sure I had a 50% coupon when I bought the batting on a roll (Jeffrey donated that) and I think Janey was the one leaving yarn and material on my doorstep.  We didn't have to buy anything for camp.  Everything was donated this year.
The wedding went off beautifully thanks mostly to Laura (and all those who so generously volunteered their time), a shower was generously donated by Janae Parkin with women who came when they heard about it just to support our family.   I've felt so lifted and sustained - warm and fuzzy.  The Adams family had a wonderful week-long family reunion in San Diego   that ended on Saturday and Monday morning Rachel and I were on our way to camp.
Some of the quilts at camp

Feeling like I'm on a water tube with the river of life rushing under and around me, Angels successfully helped me navigate to a beautiful finish at Rucker Lake where we were finished with all of the quilts tied up by Wednesday afternoon and got to  just enjoy the girls and the ambiance of camp.  I love Angels,  I really hope I can be one too.

Girls camp service quilt for
a Missionary in the Oakland Mission

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