Monday, August 29, 2011

Last of Summer

Rachel and I went Camping Carter Style!
That means a tri-tip dinner, with Cesar salad, baked potatoes, watermelon (cooled in artesia water) and homemade cookies all courtesy of Bonnie.  We had a delicious Spaghetti dinner the next night!
She is a great cook and wonderful hostess.

Disneyland style ride, bumpy, fast, slightly dangerous.  They are strapped in so they won't hit the roof with their heads going over bumps.  We are on our way to beautiful blue Sterling Lake.  It is clear, has fish and very inviting.

Wild flowers abounded everywhere.  Spring is still around in the high mountains as the snow didn't leave until very late.  Lots of colors and variety.  Very nice.

This is really a gorgeous place.  It was hard to decide if I wanted to go swimming more or boating.  So I just waded a minute to feel the water temperature.  It wasn't bad.  Very clear and interesting.

The Bishop pointed out the interesting fact that these trees find a way to grow right out of rocks.  Where do they get the nutrition they need?  Is there really enough dirt in a crack to feed a tree?

I went exploring around the Carter's camp and found this bird nest on an old stump.  I really can't picture a bird building a nest there, so I speculated that the Websters or one of the other Carter grandchildren had put it there.

This is Carter Camping - hot running water for showers, flushing toilets, AC and heat, comfortable beds, ovens, stove, refrigerator, a gas grill outside, 3 ATV's - one a buggy for six, campfire, zip-line and play structure.  Awesome!!

 Bishop Ken Carter showed Rachel how to fish and she caught four!  Luckily for her he was nice enough to bait the hook, net the fish, pull the hook out and touch all the fish.  None were big enough to bring home, but just right to have fun!

We got to be on top of the World, so Rachel is doing some Mountain Silhouettes .

We read all the historical facts as we toured around and this is the famous Rainbow Bridge which has appeared in different movies.  In 2007 a bear got stuck at the top of this arch and had to be tranquilized to get him down.

This is Bonnie and Bishop Ken Carter - a very generous, patient, and nice couple.  The showed us a really wonderful time and showed us wonderful adventures around Cisco Grove, California.

Donner Lake from the top

It was so beautiful everywhere we looked and the Bishop was so nice to stop when I wanted to take more pictures.

This was a comfortable nice place to live and then when it was time to go home, the Bishop rode the ATVs up on an especially put down carpet for storage until next week!

When the freeway came in many businesses that were on Highway 40 closed.  This fireplace was in one of the ruins found in Cisco Grove near where the Carters live.

We walked down a path until we got to this melted snow pool of water - yes it was freezing cold, but clear and inviting.  In fact two dog came up the trail on their own, jumped into the pool, then trotted back down the path to their car.

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  1. Love the Carter's. It just tickles me to think you would have this great day together. Ah, Bishop Carter one of the greatest, funniest men I know! We got to work with them in the Single's Ward, what a treat! Glad you had fun!