Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Laura at Work Again

Laura is really a Pro
at creating a beautiful show with food.  She works so hard to give people what they want at parties, weddings, graduations, and backyard swim parties.  Last Saturday she started out around 8 am loading up her van and taking things to the church.  The culture hall was already decorated by Stephanie, friends and their families from the night before for Stephanie's daughter Christina and Daniel's reception. 
Chocolate and maroon - imaginative colors 
Laura made sure the food for the luncheon was set up and ready to go and then worked on the reception when the line for lunch started.

Laura really doesn't like a camera anywhere near her - good thing we're friends

Laura making the salad

Setting up for reception started while lunch was on

Lots of good food
 The only downfall came with the chocolate fountain.  Despite reading carefully the directions and following them, it didn't work until someone gave the tip that Crisco would make it run smoothly.  The package said to just use the chocolate pieces warmed up.  Nope, 10 minutes after adding Crisco it finally worked.  Very messy, but lots of people said they liked it.
Abby and Pam trying to make the chocolate flow

I think the whole day turned out really well and it was so nice to see the last of Stephanie's girls married.  There was a picture of David her son on the stage because he is in Australia on his mission right now.  I've never seen Christina so happy.   It was really an awesome day.

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