Saturday, December 25, 2010

Magic Moments

Christmas Eve this year was awesome - and also a recognizable milestone.  My kids are grown up.
You may think I'd realize it because most of them are taller than I, but it creeps up on you so gradually it takes a moment in time to recognize it.

We had a very nice dinner and then a scripture discussion before the pie was served.  The night took on a really spectacular view when Michael and Jeffrey began playing a piece that Michael made up.  The chords are really cool sounding.  Michael on the piano and Jeffrey on his old guitar.  Actually they kept making it up.  Nate walked in to the room, liked what he heard and joined in with his bass guitar and they convinced Rebekah to pull out her flute from six years ago and play along.  After Andrew and Rachel came home from shopping they urged Rachel to grab her clarinet and Andrew to jump on the keyboard - and oh by the way could he come up with some words to go with it?

The video I have of each additonal player is really cool, but of course not for public display until more practice and effort has gone in to it.   But as a mom - my heart is full to watch and listen to the talents of my family emerging and growing.  It was really an awesome experience.

The kids were laughing on the computer and doing some last minute Christmas wrapping when Jeffrey and I decided to go to bed.  After the family prayer there came a moment when I paused to say something and  couldn't figure out what to say, when Nathan said with a grin on his face, "You want us to turn back into little children and have an exciting Christmas night."

Ahh, that was it!  They were clearly getting ready to play some games and go on with their night as we went to bed and the roles had changed and they were in charge of their own happiness and I was going to bed to wait for the excitment of the new day.  My youngest is twelve and having fun with her siblings but quite over the "magic" of anticipation and the oldest are adults.

When did it all happen?

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