Saturday, September 4, 2010

Don't Put That On Your Blog

Twice in one week
I'm taking someone's picture and they immediately say, "Don't put that on your blog!" So a few people -very few- know that I have a blog and that I occasionally post on it.  So what is this big deal about the hordes from the public (yeah right) finding out a few things about their life?
My children - who don't get on - all have informed me they don't want to be featured here or there.  My husband doesn't want stories about him put on, my sister says maybe but not much, my greater family I don't ask, - so I'm left with...... my friends!  Except some of them don't want to be the main scoop either.
Maybe I'll go to the dog park and look around.......


  1. This is funny! You are so kind to give them an option. Why don't you just go private and then invite the people you want to have access. That way you can make it your blog, your thoughts, you ideas! As you say it is mostly your friends that will read it anyway.

    Sometimes I wonder if our kids ever read mine. LOL! When I am dead and buried they will know how I spent the years while they were grown up and gone from home! I guess my point write a blog because it is fun for you to remember the good times and the blessing and the people in your life including family members.

    On Internet Security:

    My philosophy is live a good righteous life and write about it. Anyone with evil intent will run not walk to the nearest exit. Rightous living =boredom big time for them. Never do anything you wouldn't want anyone else to know and then you are covered! There is no real privacy in an electronic world anyway. People who want to do you harm have many ways in.

    You are probably safer blogging about your family than going to the dog park alone! LOL! Love you Linda Ann!

    Big hugs...Bon

  2. Go ahead...put it on your blog!!!