Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I think I'm a Lizard

I've noticed this summer that I change personalities when I'm with other ladies.  Sometimes I talk a lot, sometimes I'm quiet, it seems to depend on who I'm with.  At girls camp,  with my mom, with my best friend, even with my sister - I adapt to a person that I may not be with another person.  Rebekah, my daughter says I try to please everybody - including salesperson (she thinks that's going too far).  I never really noticed until she pointed it out and now I've been looking all this summer what I do when I'm with different people.
Chameleons change for protection - but I don't feel threatened, nor do I have an extra tail.  I do acquire different skills.
Years ago I was friends with Ann Brown and we would go to look at wood working tools and I got all kinds of things for the cub scouts I worked with.  Every Christmas I would watch over her shoulder and help out with all kinds of nifty gadgets like wind chimes and wooden benches. I gave away really cool stuff.   She could always come up with any tie slide I could dream up.
Now I'm walking with Laura and seeing all kinds of flowers and my front yard actually looks nice more often. I've had fun going to huge gardens and touring old houses.   Mealtimes have improved immensely.  I was looking at Bonnie Mattson's table and wondering if I should get some matching napkins to go with my plates.  I'll be seeing my sister Susy this weekend and I'll probably end up doing somethings she likes and coming home with something special.
I think my photography is the only talent that doesn't come from somebody else ----- but you know my mom paints pictures.....

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