Sunday, August 8, 2010

Did you know there is a BEACH at Lake Tahoe?!!

This summer has been great doing the California tourist thing! 
I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge -( it is really orange/red).....
played with the kids at Boardwalk in Santa Cruz (burn at the beach)....

 and then Rachel, Diane Chambers and I went to Lake Tahoe.  Now having been in California for more than 20 years I've had many friends 'go to Tahoe' for the weekend, a day trip, or a week and heard what fun it is.
 A beach surrounded by mountains and trees and alpine forests.  Wind, sun, puffy clouds and jet skis, canoes, kayak, speed boats, pleasure boats, fishermen, and water skiers!  There is even a huge paddle boat.  Those in the know said the sand was driven up and dumped there.

I couldn't resist asking these boys to jump for me - no I have no idea who they are - just boys having fun!

Late in the afternoon the clouds came and thunder and a bit of lightening, so we went home after a bit of sight-seeing.  For those in the know I about had heart failure hugging the car door between Emerald bay and another lake up there - two cliffs with a tiny road in between.
I love California!

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  1. Me too, Linda! I have always loved CA, there is so much variety and so many fun places to explore. Was this your first time at Tahoe then? I went to Yosemite for the first time this summer. Fun to find happiness so close to home as well as the far away places of the earth.

    Oh, and I am a door hugger too! Yikes! Glad you had fun though and Emerald Bay is worth it!

    One of my favorite places in CA is Muir Woods early in the morning. I hope you have been there. It is a place where God speaks to you before all the tourists arrive in their big buses.

    Miss you...hope all is well. Looks like October will be a busy time for you guys. We're in but will be traveling end of September to mid-October. Glad it won't be so {Strange} this time! How's that for cryptic and let's celebrate?

    Love and hugs, B