Monday, May 30, 2011

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Open House for Nate and Kelsi

Irony at it's finest, there were only 2 hours in the whole weekend that it rained on Ardenwood Court in Concord..........yes the half hour before the celebrations started till half hour before it ended.   So the pretty bows on the branches were soaked

 and the pretty flowers were dripping
 everything was rushed into the house
 and set up inside
 with delicious food set up

  vases  put on the mantle
 because I hadn't done as Laura suggested and found a place in case it rained.
 The open house was lovely, cosy, intimate and beautiful.
 Nate greeted friends

and introduced Kelsi

while music played in the background
 courtesy of Teemaree                                        
and friends chatted and ate.

Thanks Laura.

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