Sunday, September 27, 2009

Summer Place

Beverly, my mother-in-law called a few weeks ago and asked if I'd like to go to the beach with her - awww me and beaches were made for each other!

So instead of sticking around Concord in the 100 plus weather of the last few days, I traveled to Monterey and enjoyed the Beach with Beverly and got to meet some World War vets who were friends of my late father-in-law. They had been singled out in Boot Camp and asked to volunteer for the intelligence operations and the friendships and loyalty they developed as very young men is strong and vital today.

These are the women who stand by them - Phyllis (sp?) , Nancy, Beverly, and Mary -wives to Sam, Rodger, Duke, and Ralph.

We ate very well at great resturants, and took a bus tour of movie sites done in Monterey. He would show a clip on the Monitor overhead and we would see the place it was actually filmed. Very fun. We stopped in Pebble Beach - where some films have been done, and took in the beautiful course and Lodge.

Then we headed up to Paradise and attended a luau where Kim, Beverly's daughter and her granddaughter Jessica surprized her with a dance especially for her wedding anniversary that day and a lei.

Then back to Concord to play with her other grandchildren and then go to church with us on Sunday.

My children really love their Grandmama and I couldn't ask for a better mother. She is really terrific and I hope to be just like her when I grow up.

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