Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hero Material

Laura was telling me about her accident pron Labor Day pool party. One kid got jumped on and sprained his shoulder, one guy got a cement rash from slipping on the side of the pool. A neighbor had the paramedics come. One little girl floated off the step and her mom pulled her out immediately - but the most dramatic incident of the day was when a little boy stepped out into deep water and began flailing about. Kelly Kruse jumped in clothes, shoes, brand new cell phone, remote key pad and all and pulled the tyke out.

Kelly Kruse scoutmaster-2 of his Eagle Scouts

Laura said one woman asked, "Is he in trouble?" and another man was rising from his chair to fix the problem, but Kelly Kruse had an instinctive reaction and was in the pool before anybody else.

So what makes a hero?
A willingness to act
An instinctive reaction to danger

I'll bet he thinks he's an ordinary man who just happened to be there. Yup Hero Quality!

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