Friday, May 8, 2009

Talking today with Laura as we walked around the streets, I realized again how much the lives of those who come into my life change, enhance, and alter it around. Especially my own family.
I was talking about Michael and how as a little boy we never came to church late because he was always saying, "Are we late, are we late mom?" He motivated us to be on time. Nathan came home from Kindergarten and said that Sam played soccer and he wanted to too. So Jeffrey became an assistant coach to a sport he had never played or practiced. I'm not sure if he had even watched an entire game or not. But we definitely came to embrace the game as an entire family. Nate was the magnet that included the kids together. Rebekah cared how something looked and can make any place more organized and prettier. She knows people and how they are doing. She is loyal to her friends and they love her back. She has always made me strive to do better.
Andrew has the art of subtly moving people. He has an agenda and quietly but firmly makes it happen. He wanted a prize basketball team and got deacons from other wards to come and I had mothers calling to thank me (right like it was even my idea) for Andrew getting their boys to come to activities. He is usually surrounded by good friends who are doing good things. We all fall in line and love doing it. Matthew is the force of nature. Life happens at a more exciting pace when he is in the house. Matt makes you think about life and where you stand in it. He has no fear and boldly goes where no one else has thought of. My lovely Rachel is one of the sweetest nicest friends to me, her siblings, and associates at school. People feel good when they are with her. Of course middle school is around the corner, then we'll see what her real talents are.

Then the ultimate in personality, physical, spiritual, and mind stimulus changes is Jeffrey. My life is so intertwined and woven with him it is hard to remember what I originally thought when I was single. It's when I'm with different siblings who have vastly different outlooks on life that I see how spouses have such a huge roll in who you really are. There isn't one part of my life that hasn't been enhanced because Jeffrey is part of it. Proud to be Mrs. Jeffrey Adams

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