Saturday, March 15, 2014

Started Walking Again

I wonder what it is that enables creativity when you walk?  For some reason whenever Laura and I start walking consistently in the mornings, I tend to get new ideas and feel like making things. Dinners for example came directly from Laura.  "Oh, that is easy," "you can do that", "Let's go pick up___ from___". Nice.  I now have a reputation for making good meals.  Really. Me.  Actually it's still a little unreal - but oh so good! Lately I picked up the idea to make a Cat-in-the-hat hat for Girls Camp.  I think they are going to work our great! I couldn't find a pattern so I made one out of newspaper.  I've found the brims to be tricky. It was Laura I went shopping with to find the material - of course.  She always knows the best places to shop! I bought a few too many yards as it turns out, Laura and I aren't the best at math, and circumference and radius, and all those circle things we dreamed up in our thoughts didn't go quite as expected in real time.  Oh well, now I have material to make some Cat-in-the-hat gloves. I'm thinking 3 finger gloves with elastic at the wrist would be just the thing with black shirt, pants, the hat, a red bow-tie (haven't even thought how to make that one yet) and then the gloves would top it off nicely. Thinking, walking, talking, it all goes hand in hand...........

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