Friday, June 4, 2010

Creating a City

Girls Camp preparation are under way and have been for many months. It is now getting down to crunch time. Jeffrey asked how many man hours it took to prepare. I just started laughing. We are creating a city (in President Hunt's words) and going over details and asking volunteers and girls to create a safe, fun, spiritual, adventurous week in the woods is fun and a little mind boggling. Ahhh, I'm off to the level 1 pre-camp meeting.....

and to think I only do the paperwork....

maybe a little art work....

how many preparation hours are spent for one week in the year?


  1. Ahh, Girls' Camp! How fun that you get to go! I am not much for camping but I'm all about mother/daughter experiences and making memories.

    It is amazing how much work it takes. 3 of my best friends have been camp director or assistant camp director and I could not believe what they went through!

    Jim has gone to GC many times in the past and always loved it. Some of the old campers are not thrilled with all of the changes. But it will be fun regardless. Old traditions do die hard. Enjoy!

  2. Do we know the person who writes Old School? I briefly looked at it and it looks great!