Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jeffrey is gone tonight

I have extra time because Jeffrey is in Utah and there is nobody to keep the bed warm. He always sleeps by the window and blocks the cold air, so tonight I'll have to close the window up tight. Little things make me grateful for companions, spouses, friends, sisters, and those who do the simple things that keep me comfortable and happy. I sure hope I can be a good friend. Good friends mean a lot to me and I hope they like me in their life just as much I like them! It is so nice to watch and learn from the enthusiasm of the talents of those I spend time with. Well, goodnight


  1. You are a wonderful friend to me! Love you LA!

  2. Linda Ann, How did you find my blogging blog so quickly? It is actually undercover right now as it is the part of the RS Conference (2/25 NG Building 6:15p) Class I am teaching. But it is good that you found it and left a message so I can show that to the class as well.

    Maybe you can help me out by letting me know some the questions you might like answered on blogging.

    I won't have a huge amount of time and so must cover the basics briefly but that is why I am doing this new blog instead of hand outs. If we are going electronic we might as well go all the way and file in cyber space and declutter the house at the same time. Also it can then be interactive and on-going and I can keep adding the fun stuff even after the class is done, answer individual questions, etc. Do one on one with Stake members, etc. Good idea?

    My e-mail is

    Would love to get your feedback! Would you also become a follower on this blog? Thanks...B