Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You can make.....

Last Sunday- Father's Day- I made a special meal for the family - because I went shopping with Laura, and she always makes a great meal sound doable, and lets me know what's really on sale. It was great and not all that hard. For dessert I decided to use Regg's strawberries in a pre-made chocolate pie shell and top it with whip cream. When I pulled out the carton of cream to whip it up, my kid said, "You can make whip cream?" I just started laughing as I realized how far down the ready-made path I've gone until I started walking with Laura - who always uses real vanilla, garlic cloves, and makes her chicken nuggets from scratch. When I served the pie, the laughter started again when Jeffrey said there wasn't enough sugar in the whipped cream. I've got to renew a few cooking skills. I had to assure my family over and over that I wasn't laughing at them but at my limited culinary skills.

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